Adipose Derived Stemcells (ADSC)

What is ADSC?

ADSC are stem cells derived from adipose tissue. Adipose tissue contains between 1-2% mesenchymal stem cells, even at high ages. This is for people to be able to put on fat tissue if they have excess calories.

The procedure includes removal of adipose tissue, separate out stem cells that are activated and injected into a damaged or worn area. Mesenchymal stem cells have wery high capacity for self-regeneration, which explains why they exist despite their age, and are progenitor cells for osteocytes (bone cells), chondrocytes (cartilage cells), myocytes (muscle cells) and adipocytes (fat cells). Mesenchymal stem cells are anti-inflammatory and therefore have a positive effect on acute inflammation of the tissue. When injecting activated mesenchymal stem cells into other tissues, they become the same type of tissue, so by injecting ADSC into the knee joints, you get growth of chondrocytes that provide repair and growth of new tissue.

Who is the right candidate for ADSC?

Patients over 50 and who have mild to moderate abrasions in the knee, hip, ankle or shoulder or have a partial tendon rupture may have good effects of ADSC.

Why is ADSC specially effective on older patients?

Children and young adults have plenty of stem cells and growth hormones that drive processes in the body. At increasing age, humans have weaker immune systems, less growth hormone and a smaller amount of stem cells in the tissues. One area where stem cells still exist is in adipose tissue, so at age over 50 it can be difficult to elicit strong enough response only with PRP treatment. Therefore, we recommend that these patients be treated with ADSC first, and possibly subsequent PRP therapy to stimulate growth and repair.

How does the treatment work?

Just before treatment with ADSC, the chiropractor performs a joint manipulation to loosen and stretch it. This makes it easier to inject and stimulates repair.


Immediately after ADSC treatment, we recommend that the patients have 2 days of rest. After 2 to 4 weeks, the chiropractor will perform manipulation / joint correction and the physiotherapist will provide laser treatment and advice on exercises. Treatment with PRP is also given. After another 5-10 weeks, treatment will again be given by chiropractor and physiotherapist, as well as new PRP treatment. 6 weeks after the last treatment, a follow-up consultation is set up.

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